Learn specific techniques to help you love yourself first. Suzi Lula is an Agape International Licensed Spiritual Counselor and holds a M.A. in Spiritual Psychology.

Check out Suzi Lula at www.krist45.sg-host.com.

“Elevated Living” with Awake TV Co-Founder, Amanda Marie Masters, is a show designed for change makers who are ready to dive within and transform their inner and outer worlds. The alchemization process she shares will rapidly shift you and raise your vibration, as you move into the heartspace and learn how to love and trust the world from the space of Self. As your Master Guide, Amanda will lead you on a series of powerful, transformative journeys, while clearing stuck energy and supporting your transformation to a new dimensional level of Consciousness. As you do this work, you will come to realize the purpose of your true divine nature, and your life will change forever. Amanda Marie Masters is a Spiritual Teacher, Author, Speaker, Master Channeler, Design Your Life expert, and co-founder of the Awake TV Network. She has been featured on cable TV for her work, and has had her own internet show for over a year. She has spent years aligning people with their soul’s purpose by assisting them to dive deeper into their love of Self, through awareness practices and daily rituals that help bring balance, empowerment, and inspired intention into their lives. As a Master Channeler, Amanda connects to higher frequencies of energy such as guides, angels, and the Ascended Masters to provide guidance that can be essential to making important decisions and changes in life. Welcome to Elevated Living!\


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