Spring is in the Air!

Spring is in the air! There is a vitality, a blooming and a blossoming happening all around us. There is also the potential for this same awakening to occur within us and in our own lives right now.


In our culture, February has become synonymous with Valentine’s Day. Past the consumerism, however, you will find the real quality of LOVE and beneath that, you will find that SELF LOVE is the root of all Love.

From Holidays to HOLY DAYS!

Happy Holidays! Happy Holy Days! As I write this, the “hustle and bustle” of the season is in the air. This time of year can be particularly busy, stressful and lonely, but it can also be a time of miracles, birth, love and light … the MIRACLE beyond what we think is possible to that…



Happy Thanksgiving! Today, people across our country are giving thanks for the many blessings in our lives. It is a powerful spiritual practice to join together with like minded individuals and lean into the collective energy field that is available when many are on the same “spiritual page”, so to speak. I am grateful to…


FLYING HIGH into the New Year!

Every New Year’s Eve I do a meditation and ritual clearing away and releasing anything that no longer serves me from the year and open to the greatest possibilities for the new year. This year Jami, William (age 9) and I created a beautiful ritual and experience together. After we meditated together, we each wrote…


Bringing in the NEW!

New Year’s Eve… the Eve of the New… Such an auspicious time… the perfect time to review what has been this year and call forth the greatest within you for your new year! Most people either resist or judge that which isn’t working in their life. I invite you, instead, to become interested in what…


Let’s talk about THRIVING!

I don’t know about you, but I am all about THRIVING, living an Inspired Life and making my life a Masterpiece. That vision has never been more important, but simultaneously more challenging than since I became a mother. Partially because of another being depending upon me, but mostly because of a unspoken, cultural message that…


Date Night “In”

Last week our son was at a sleep over and my husband and I were headed out the door when he stopped and asked, “What are we doing getting in our car and going one more place? Let’s just stay in and have a date night here”. It was like music to my ears. I…