Accept Rebirth

Today, I accept Rebirth for myself and everyone around me. I know that there is something meaningful seeking to be born within each one of us today.

All Things are Possible!

Happy New Year! With this time of year comes the new – the opportunity for a fresh new start – a new vision. And with a new vision comes a new you. A you that’s never been experienced before.


Are You Ready to Receive?

This past week, I was a bit under the weather. Nothing I couldn’t power through. However, I know by now that had I powered through, I would have paid a price, if only a subtle one.

Invest in YourSelf First!

For those of you who may not know, Dr. Wayne Dyer passed on yesterday. Wayne Dyer was an internationally renowned author and speaker in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth. He’s the author of over 40 books, including 20 New York Times bestsellers.

Let’s all THRIVE in 2-0-1-5!

Each year, I choose a quality that I seek to embody on a deeper level and this year, the quality “THRIVE” seems to be choosing me! I LOVE the word THRIVE. In addition to “to prosper” and “to flourish”, which I love, another definition of THRIVE means to experience a sense of well being in the…


New Year! New You!

Depending upon your individual life situation, this time of year can be filled with family and friends or it can be stressful and lonely with a myriad of emotions.

Your Untapped Potential!

My mom passed on last October 26th. I was fortunate enough to have spent the last week with her at her bedside. It was, by far, the most indescribable, spiritually awakening experience in my life to date.

Bliss in Bali!

Whether you are a mother or minister, celebrity or CEO, entrepreneur or artistpreneur, research shows that those who have the “inside edge” actually have the leading edge in life.