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Listen while you’re on your way to pick up the kids, shopping, folding the laundry, working out, commuting to work or taking some quiet time …

Join the Self Care Revolution!
Become a thriving mom as we change the face of Motherhood, one thriving mom at a time.

For yourself and another mom  … because the times we think self care is impossible are the times that we need self care the most!

What people are saying about
The Motherhood Evolution:

A once in a lifetime book that will free mothers from the cultural shackles of martyrdom, lack and self-sacrifice to abundance, value and worth that are inherently ours to claim as mothers.

~ Dr Shefali,
New York Times Best Selling Author, The Conscious Parent

You’ll never look at mothering the same way again!

~ Johanna Maaghaul,

I cried with every page!!!! This book not only made me feel so understood, but it allowed me to reconnect with my SELF.

~ Ama Barron

Suzi Lula is a beautifully amazing writer who gives every mother permission and guidance to live a thriving life for herself and for her children. A must-read for all moms.

~ Amazon Customer

A visionary book by a visionary teacher.

~ Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith,
Founder, The Agape International Spiritual Center

If you’ve ever wondered how you as a mother can give lovingly while staying soulfully nourished, READ THIS BOOK. This book is truly a treasure for the soul.

~ Amy Shih

The real-life examples, based on mothers the author has counseled over the years, were enlightening and helpful.

~ Corey Thomsen

Such a beautiful book! I love how she brings up examples of what conscious parenting looks like and your inner care as she calls it will bring much more balance and equilibrium to your life then anything external can post do.

~ Amazon Customer