I’m Suzi Lula and I’m passionate about your TRANSFORMATION, especially through the practice of Self Care – or SOUL CARE, as I refer to it. I’m here to ensure that you create your most THRIVING life, family, and business.

I’m also a pioneer in the field of Spiritual Psychology bringing together experiential transformational practices on the Emotional and Spiritual levels of consciousness as well as deeply Healing the Heart of the Inner Child.

The doors are open for my Soul Care Certification Academy: Training in the Art and Practice of Spiritual Psychology. Collective 2 begins Jan 2023. Here’s the link for more information and to enroll: https://suzilula.com/soulcarecoaching

As the mother of a teenage college son, I’m an advocate for Mothers everywhere to THRIVE, because … Taking Care of YOURSELF FIRST is THE GREATEST GIFT you can give YOURSELF, your family, and all those around you! My book, “The Motherhood Evolution: How Thriving Mothers Raise Thriving Children” will INSPIRE you, I promise! 

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Bloom and Grow Forever

My journey with ABUNDANCE – believing, knowing and ultimately experiencing that I AM ENOUGH has been a life journey for me. Can you relate? Has there been something in your life that you’ve been longing to know, desiring to know, DEDICATED TO KNOWING about yourself? I’m always so deeply grateful when Michael Bernard Beckwith asks…


Addiction and Your Freedom

I imagine that you or someone you love has experienced some form of addiction … I know that I certainly have … It can be so heartbreaking. What does addiction have to do with FREEDOM? (Since those of us in the United States are observing “Independence” Day) Everything! When we think of individuals such as…


My Breakthrough to True Abundance Part 2

Last week I shared my personal journey of being raised in a consciousness of lack and my subsequent transformation into a consciousness of TRUE ABUNDANCE. I made a decision that I wanted to experience the state of TRUE ABUNDANCE more than I wanted ANYTHING in my life! And I want this for YOU, as well!…